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Oct 29, 2012 9:30pm PDT
the sunrise over the bay. this is another one of our great lookouts. we are at mount davidson. 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. to not forget that dogs and enjoy all of the pathways and greenery that surrounds you. it provides a peaceful oasis of open space and great hiking trails. the spectacular view offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset with someone you love. >> it is a good place to get away from the hectic life of the city. come up here and listen to nature, i get some fresh air. that view is fantastic. >> where sturdy shoes. hikers get the feeling of being in a rain forest. mount davidson is also a great place to escape the noise and the bustle of the city. take the 36 bus and it will drop you at the entrance. it is quite a hike to the top but the view is worth every step. this is the place to bring that someone special. golden gate park's largest body of water is an enchanting place. is a popular spot for paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed for these your boating -- for leisure boating. it is
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
over the bay. this is another one of our great look out. we are at mount davidson. it has the highest point of elevation in san francisco, 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. enjoy all of the pathways, trails, and greenery that surrounds you. it provides a peaceful oasis of public open space and great hiking trails. the spectacular view offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise, or, sunset, with someone you love. >> it is a good place to get away from the hectic life of the city. get some fresh air. the view is fantastic. >> wear sturdy shoes to conquer the trail, you have the feeling of being in a rain forest. mount davidson is also a great place to escape the noise and the apostle of the city with your partner. -- bustle of the city with your partner. it is quite a hike to the top at mount davidson but the view is worth every step. this is the place to bring that someone special. for more information about reserving one of these romantic locations, or any other location, 831-5500. this number is best for special ovens, weddings, picnics, and the county fo
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. >> it's out of character for my brother. >> reporter: he left a friend's house on a harley davidson. he got a phone call and said he'd be back. his home two blocks away police say they have no leads, no trace of him. it's like he just vanished. >> when he wasn't home that next morning when we got up we knew something was wrong. >> everyone was out there. big teddy bear. >> reporter: at tonight's vigil everyone dressed in white t- shirts and jeans like eric. they put together a facebook page where more than a thousand people have signed on to help find him. 5'10", 350 pounds with a harley davidson tattooed on the back of his head. his family worries about his serious heart condition requiring daily medication, beta-blockers. >> love him very much and hoping for him to be home safe. >> reporter: not only was eric garcia a hard worker but friends say he also volunteered his time. police say they're reviewing cell phone records but his family says if he hasn't called home, something isn't right. anyone with information is urged to contact san jose police immediately. in san jose, juliet goo
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
. he is described as 6-foot 10 inches tall and also has a tattoo with a harley davidson system bomb on the -- symbol on the back of his head. if you have any information you are asked to give san jose a call. back out here live, family and friends are telling people to meet in the parking lot of sacred heart church on willow street. they plan on lighting a candle for garcia's safe return. >>> in election news, showing the race for the white house, it is still very close. 50 percent say they support president barack obama and several report mitt romney. mitt romney appeared to have an edge among likely voters and president barack obama a to have -- appears to have an advantage on taxes and foreign policy. >>> and on this eve against president barack obama, we will take you live to our washington d.c. bureau and we will tell you how the new ads are stirring up controversy over tax increases. >>> they will be playing in the postseason... >> the a's preceded the texas rangers and they clinched one of two american league wildcard spots. they now have playoff shirts and hats and now a pie
Oct 2, 2012 4:30am PDT
and has a heart condition and he is described as 5-foot 10, 350 pounds and has a harley davidson symbol on the back of -- on the back of his head. if you have any information please call san jose police. >>> now an 83-year-old woman is charged with dwi after hitting somebody near the campus. the victim was in across walk when mary lieu cordova hit him on hoist avenue and spruce street. the victim was taken to the hospital. >>> city leaders approved a ban on works as many as part and other downtown locations. smoking is banned while on sidewalks and this happens while on the way to destination. >>> 4:41 a tragedy mile stone. the homicide is the third largest in the city. >>> and how police and public transportation officials are preparing for all the visitors, stay tuned. . >>> it is expected to draw big crowds. that is ahead of thursday's fleet we can kick off, also happening, the oracle world, giants and 49ers and the heritage parade is taking place. also two cruise ships are on the way and the police chief said the entire staff will be working. >> if there is an incident that does ari
Oct 17, 2012 4:30am PDT
harley davidson on september 18th, the motorcycle is still missing. >>> she is accused of abandoning her daughter. and an interview said she left her daughter in the store and she broke up with him after she had been left behind. she suffers and was not taking her medication when the incident occurred last month. >>> an unusual place for an earthquake. main, it was felt as far away as connecticut. >> my bed was shaking back and forth and i was not quite sure what it was. >> honestly i thought i was doing construction across the street. >> it is the strongest since 2006 when a 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit. >>> firefighters responded to an early morning fire at a bar and grill. they found the bodies of 5 people inside, four women and a man, it is unclear but a news conference has begun and we will bring you more as soon as it becomes available. >>> 9 victims are suing the theater and their lawyer claims negligence on behalf of what happened. the suit also alleges they should have had better security because it had actually been the site of shootings and assaults before. this is the 7th and
Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm PDT
engine in it. it's a motor... it's a "harley hybrid," as some people call it. we have a harley davidson engine in it, and an electric motor. >> simon is... he's completely crazy. there is nothing that he thinks we can't do. i mean, who the hell else would've thought of using a harley davidson engine and a magnetic clutch from a combine coupled to an electric motor? the answer to that question is no one. >> this is the original engine that ford put in this car. we're gonna get rid of all this weight, and all this spaghetti and everything else. and this is what we're going to put back in. we're gonna use an electric motor. we're gonna hook up that gasoline engine, and the two of them together will give us unbelievable efficiency, and not only that, but the car will run extremely clean. >> this might even be more ghetto than usual. we found milk crates. i think we're gonna build the, uh, the prototype battery box out of milk crates, so it's a new low for us. >> so, we have to get everything in the car, the battery packs, make sure the motors are running, just to make sure that we can test
Oct 6, 2012 5:30am PDT
. this is mount davidson. look out for the rock. this is on telegraph park. this is stern grove. this is a little known park above candle stick. here's my friend jake, standing by a wall. this was rosy play ground. they turned it into a park and it was also restored by wpa. i believe they torn down the house, which was unforgivable and the zoo is wpa. and here's the murals inside the mother's building. the marina sea walls and great aquatic park. the palace of fine arts. we wouldn't have and a little further in, lake merit, this pier. alva rado park and then, some of you my recognize this. the berkeley rose garden. did it have to be this beautiful. finally, i'm going to wrap up. san francisco is rich in the various kinds of arts projects. we have a fabulous collection of stuff here. there were four components. there was visual arts, federal theater, federal musics and federal writers. they employed many people. this is excellent to show the work. the visual arts project. it was especially important in san francisco because of dieggo rivera and radicalizing it. this is the coit towers. this was do
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
your name all over it. >> karen davidson, one of our photographers, took a of the black water refuge. is one of the stamps, right here from one of our own local photographers. is you stamp collectors, it beautiful. temperatures, meanwhile, today, in the low 70's, but that just about average. 65 degrees after those wrinkles showers that came through dampen any ofot enthusiasm. here is what is going on right now. a few showers for you folks around chantilly, moving into vienna. there is the move to washington, but that is it. they are sprinkles. the national fans, th are tough. need any umbrellas to come out. next bats, and you see how far away to the west it is. r today there was another tornado watch, that is now gone, around nashville tennessee. some of it will probably be p, so here we are tomorrow warning. tomorrow morning about where we now, mid-60's with a t of clouds around. one of those days where the weather boundary will try to our north. does, temperatures will over 70 and there will be some scattered showers. some afternoonof showers. 7'seratures will be in the will get in
Oct 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
to some teenagers in january in davidson in anne arundel county. nei walker was driving and collided with a bmw. zachary rose and rihanna franco were killed along with the driver of the bmw. the trial will be held in glen burnie. >> a scandal has rocked the campaign of virginia congressman jim moran. >> his son patrick was caught on camera in describing how to commit voter fraud. now more from autria godfrey. >> undercover video captures patrick at first reluctant to talk of order fraud, but within minutes he discusses what it would take to cast a ballot for someone else. the hidden camera video released by james o'keefe sets up a scenario where patrick moran advises the man to fake a utility bill or a bank statement. >> but it is going to have to look legit. >> but the man jim moran has been campaigning against says that it's not enough. he's asking the state to see if any voter fraud has occurred. >> i think we do need to have an investigation to find out how far this goes. this is about the integrity of our nation. >> virginia voters say they're satisfied with the resignation. >
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
davidson motorcycle. he has not been seen since. he weighs 350 pounds, has short brown hair and a goatee and has a harley davidson symbol. they are trying to get the word out and they are running out of ideas. garcia has a driver's license plate and if you have any information you are asked to call san jose police. there will be a candle light vigil and family and friends will be lighting candles and saying a prayer for his safe return. reporting live from san jose, jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a truck fire in oakland, it was a distraction for early morning drivers near 62nd and bancroft. this public works truck caught fire at 4:00 a.m. it was parked on the side of the road when the fire broke out and nobody was inside. the cause of that truck fire is still under investigation. >>> in just a few hours they will hold a news conference to talk about a teacher facing serious charges. 28-year-old was found dead inside a parked car. he was arrested accused of molesting a student. despite that students have set up a memorial. >> he leaves for school early, he has been a
Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
a thousand people signed on to help find him. he is 5'10", 350-pounds with a hair lee harley davidson tattooed on him. his parents are worried about his heart condition, which requires medication and beta blockers, which he doesn't have with him. not only was eric garcia a hard worker, he volunteered his time. police are in the prosees of reviewing cell phone records, if he hasn't called home, something isn't right. in san jose, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >>> hot enough for you? record breaking temperatures brought another fire warning today. san jose's park closed today as a precaution. temperatures in the area hit 96 degrees yesterday with close to no humidity. if conditions do not reach a fire safe level, the park will stay closed for yet another day. and it's another warm fog-free night out there around the bay area. paul dirks ano joins us with a look at how hot it got. >> record highs set in mountain view. low 100s in some places. livermore, 10e 3. richmond 96. redwood city, 95. record high, second straight day, san francisco in downtown. not @ airport, in the city. and oakland
Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
motocicleta harley davidson negra en la que viaja. >>> hay que decir que erik garcÍa pertenecia a un club de tociclistas, se habla de un posible juego sucio, pero solicitan la colaboraciÓn de cualquier persona que tenga cualquier tipo de indicio que tenga que ver con esto. es mi reporte en vivo desde la ciudad de san josÉ. regreso contigo. >>> gracias, ramÓn. una pelea entre estudiantes afroamericanos y latinos en vallejo tiene alarmados a algunos padres, todo surgiÓ en el que golpearon en la cabeza a una niÑa latina, exigen una investigaciÓn a fondo de los hechos. es una historia que vera solamente aquÍ. >>> gracias. y los padres describen que la situaciÓn es tensa para los estudiantes. y temen por la seguridad de sus hijos. >>> ni la policÍa supo nada, mi hija se levantÓ por su propio pie. >>> esta madre de familia nos mostrÓ las fotografÍas que recibiÓ su hija. dijo que la directa no aviso a las autoridades. >>> el distrito me dice que los daÑos los van a pagar los papÁs, pero quiÉn los va a obligar? >>> el incidente pasÓ en la ciudad de vallejo, pero la situaciÓn escalo
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am PDT
on his harley davidson. praying last night for garcia's safe return home. police say they are looking at this as a missing person's case. garcia's brother felt something was wrong when he did not show up for work the next day. >> just overwhelming. i understand something like this is horrible. >> the family confirms the 32-year-old is a member of the motorcycle club. at this point, police have not revealed whether foul play may have been involved. garcia's family says he has a heart condition and does not have his medication. >>> the eyes of the nation will be on both president obama and mitt romney tonight for their very first presidential debate. both are putting their final touches on the talking points. tonight, we'll see if the preparation pays off. tracie potts has the story from the university of denver. >> reporter: the stage is set for tonight's debate. >> governor, you ready for tomorrow? >> i'm getting there. >> reporter: while mitt romney took a break from practice to get a burrito bowl, president obama visited hoover dam. >> it's spectacular. >> reporter: aides say they'r
Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
not said yet exactly how he died. he was last seen at a party on september 18. he left on his harley-davidson motorcycle, which is still missing. >>> investigators safe a santa clara doctor was living a double life. they say he was working as a medical director while abusing his power to write prescriptions. 61-year-old marvin bonham faces 18 felony charges. he worked for valley health plan in san jose. investigators say more charges could be filed. >> he was basically using his power of being able to write prescriptions for heavily addictive substances to get drugs, possibly to get sex, and for also resale, for money. >> channel 2. >> bonham denies the allegations and told ktvu's robert handa he is innocent. >>> the san francisco giants and st. louis cardinals were in the seventh inning of game 3 of the nlcs when the game was delayed because of rain. and right now, the cardinals are leading 3-1. ktvu's debra is outside busch stadium in st. louis. debra, has the weather cleared up yet? >> reporter: it has, considerably, since i last saw you an hour ago. yeah, it was wild when that seventh i
Oct 14, 2012 5:30am EDT
davidson is back. he's now back in the offense for whatever reason. we lost pierre. then you have, they are still trying to find guys. he's the only guy that's answered to bill. let's do this. to me, those are your best two guys. that line, that second level blocking, those tight ends and wide receivers, that's what i think we do best. we didn't throw the ball down. not one time did we drop options. with more possessions, maybe more offense. as far as i'm concerned, 46 is the real deal. >> dan, the notion of the houston texans being a running team, you look at me like i'm about to make a joke. i'm going to make a serious point here. houston texans are the only team that has more runs than passes. they are 5-0. maybe this isn't a joy stick league. maybe it's okay to be grinded out if you have that personnel. >> that's a good point he made. >> it's so unexpected. >> that's true, too. >> they will be just like houston, the most dangerous team in football. robert, you have to defend him. did he give it up or keep him? that helps the running game. it's around morris. >> what is going t
Oct 2, 2012 11:30pm PDT
reportedly left on his harley davidson motorcycle after telling friends he would be right back. san jose police say they are working with the family but at this point they have no leads nor do they suspect foul play. garcia's brother is hoping for the best. >> the last two weeks have just been overwhelming. and just get the word out there about my brother and hopefully get him home safe. >> reporter: garcia rides a 1985 harley davidson motorcycle with the license plate number 18w5272. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact san jose police. >>> the triple digit heat broke a few records today in some bay area cities. we have team coverage tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin will have tomorrow's forecast in 90 seconds. but first ktvu's matt keller join us live from ellam rock park where park rangers are taking extra precautions tonight, mark. >> reporter: these signs behind me will be out again tomorrow telling the public that alum rock park is closed due to extreme fire danger. near triple digit temperatures could not stop francis tuddle for practicing for his
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
always get high marks. >> davidson university, what's the highlight there? >> moms, listen up. worried about sending kids off to college and wearing the same clothes won't be doing that at davidson. have full-service laundry for free and alterations and dry cleaning for a very minimal charge. >> so your kids don't know how to do the laundry. come out of college. >> definitely perks. >> schools fit for foodies. >> bowdoin college, a tiny school but always ranks at the top of the college food list. you can enjoy intimate restaurant-style dining, everything from sushi, to mussels, to a salad bar that has fruits and vegetables from their own campus garden. >> wow. >> oregon state. >> oregon state, they listen to their kids there. student wrote a column bemoaning the lack of chicken on campus and the head of dining put buffalo chicken wraps on every single menu. >> and rounding it out, johnson-and-wales. >> if you want to study the culinary field. >> kathie lee and hoda coming up next.
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
that both candidates made a number of claims and counterclaims. tracy davidson looks into some of those claims in tonight's fact check report. >> reporter: fireworks were flying. vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan faced off in their first debate. and no surprise, the candidates didn't always stick to the facts. first, this exchange on the nation's jobless rate. >> joe and i are from similar towns. he's from scranton, pennsylvania, i'm from wisconsin. you know what the unemployment in scranton is today? >> i sure do. >> 10%. you know what it was the day you came in? 8.5%. >> reporter: they say this is misleading, 7.8% is exactly where it was when president obama took office. >> he cherry picked one city, where unemployment has gone from 8.5% to 10%. however, he also talked about his hometown of jamesville, wisconsin. and there, the unemployment rate has actually come down more than 4 percentage points. >> reporter: next, congressman ryan on the obama tax plan. >> the average tax rate on businesses in the industrialized world is 25%, and the president wants the top affecte
Oct 19, 2012 11:00am EDT
state. he and paul ryan will be there. a four-day festival with rock music, beer and harley-davidson's. >>> the latest polls put president obama ahead. in iowa an eight-point lead with 51% of likely voters. in wisconsin, he leads romney by six points. the debate had a minimal impact. 95% of the people say they have already made up their minds. >>> coming up, new information on the health of the teenager from pakistan shot by the taliban. >>> i had a lot more energy in the second debate. i was really well rested -- >> plus the punch line to president obama's joke and a f maryland schools are number one in america because we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can promise you, that money will go to education. that's the law and that's what we'll do. vote for question seven. president obama: i'm barack obamthis
FOX Business
Oct 23, 2012 9:20am EDT
reported less money coming in hurt by weakness in europe. down it goes. harley davidson, the profit down and revamped production at the large esst factory. and lexmark blames the economy on less money coming in and i think it's the other way around, blames less on the weak economy, pretty flat. first question last night and neither candidate directly answered it on libya. former u.n. ambassador john boulton is next, the ambassador will give a direct answer to this question. >> the first question, and it concerns libya, the controversy over what happened there continues, four americans are dead, including an american ambassador, questions remain. what happened. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scttrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are say
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 126 (some duplicates have been removed)